Preparing HCG Injections and Applying Them on Oneself

HCG injections are perfect for losing weight and nowadays they can be found in many places. Among these are online retailers. Here you can find HCG injections kits that contain all the materials and equipment you need. Knowing how to make the right HCG concentration and applying it on yourself will save you valuable time that you would have spend going to a clinic for the shots. Whether you are using HCG shots to treat infertility or for weight loss you will benefit from this knowledge. This article will teach you how.


The first thing you will need to do is wash your hands and ensure you have all that you need. The next is to mix the contents of the vial. To do this, rub the HCG vial between your palms. Do not shake vigorously as this destroys the contents. Wipe the top of the vial with an alcohol swab. Suck air into the syringe (an amount equal to the much you have to draw). Pierce the vial’s top and draw the air inside. If you got two vials one with powder HCG and the other with sterile water, suck air into the syringe and inject this into the water vial. Draw water up to the mark of the recommended dosage and then put this in the vial of powder HCG and mix.

Pick the vial and hold it upside down with one hand while using the other hand to draw the HCG into the syringe up to the mark of the dosage. Draw slowly and remove any air bubbles that form by tapping the syringe and then gently pushing them out.


This is the hard part but you must get it right as it will determine how safe the application is and how effective it will be. HCG online injections are mean to be applied subcutaneously meaning the injection site is beneath the skin.

You need to choose the site for the injection carefully. You have four options; the abdomen, thigh, upper arm and hip. Choose whichever is easy for you but many people who self-inject prefer the thigh and abdomen. When using the abdomen, measure the width of three fingers from the belly button and use the area beyond that as the injection site. For the thigh, the injection site is the area between a hand’s width from the knee and a hand’s width from the thigh’s top. Use the top part of the thigh as it contains no nerves and does not bruise easily.

Wipe your preferred injection area with an alcohol swab and let it air dry. Change the needle used to mix the HCG and replace it with a new one on the syringe with the drug. Pinch a chunk of skin in the area you have just cleaned loosely. Insert the entire needle into the skin and slowly push the drug into the skin. Remove the needle and apply a little pressure using the alcohol swab to stop any bleeding. In case some blood shows in the tip of the syringe when the needle is inserted, remove it and discard the mixture.